Monday, August 15, 2016


August. The month that we celebrate emancipation. Here it is the 15th and the only thing being mentioned is bills. We get up, go to work, pay bills and repeat.

As Jay Z said, "Until you own your own you can't be free...How we still slaves in 2016?"

Posted is picture of a gombey; the Bermudian symbol of freedom breaking the chains oppression whenever and where ever possible.

August saw the passing of my great-aunt Lois, my former neighbour Mrs. Hall and the well known Dr. Sebi. Those three warriors have gone to fight for us from the other side.

August is also the birth month of my late brother Michael. Mike, you know I need your advice from time to time. Guide me from the other side. Tell every one I said Hi and welcome Aunt Lois with love. May you help us to Rise To Perfection.

August. Who knew this month would be so tiring.