Thursday, June 30, 2016

Live your purpose!

Every thing in this world, in this life, has a purpose.

The way one wakes up. The way one sleeps. The way one does every thing between waking and sleeping has a purpose.

What is your purpose? What is mine? Is your purpose and mine intertwined?

Live your life without fear or regret and your purpose will find you.

Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Insurance Rant

Every month, my employer deducts over $1000 for my health insurance. My employer pays the same amount for my health insurance. That is nearly $2100 per month just for my health insurance.

I got a call from the insurance company because the test that I am scheduled for is now done in Bermuda. This test is necessary after I had triple bypass surgery in January. The surgery was covered by the insurance but the follow up appointment is not. Well, it will be if they receive a recommendation letter from a specialist here.

I'm not mad at the lady who called. She is just doing a job. I'm tired of companies who behave like the one she works for.

I don't think that I have share these before. Here are some before and after shots of the surgery.



Rant over...

Thursday, June 23, 2016

NO or YES?

Bermuda, today is the day that a decision may be made that could change the way the world sees us and deals with us. I am not talking about the BREXIT referendum (and I should be talking about it). I am talking about the gay marriage in Bermuda referendum.

Today, we Bermudians are to partake in a non-binding referendum if our colony will recognize gay marriage or gay civil unions. The difference, in my understanding, is miniscule but very important to those who uphold the church's belief that marriage is between one man and a woman.

A few months ago, I would have been all for it - gay marriage and gay civil unions. They deserve all the rights of a heterosexual couple have earned.

A month ago, I would have said that this is a Christian society (as much as that pains me) and maybe we should allow marriage to continue to be sacred to them. However, gay couples deserve the same rights as heterosexual couples do. I would have to mark No/Yes on my ballot.

A couple of nights ago, the media released the way some of the MP's were voting for the bill. The Premier and many of his colleagues were in favour of a Yes/Yes vote. They even got Sir John away from his multi-million dollar properties to say he will be voting Yes/Yes. Aren't these the same people who were against it last time? I smell a rat! I'm sorry but I will be marking No/No this time.

I started out being for gay marriage/civil unions. Unfortunately, my parents taught me to look past the headlines and the media talked me out of it. I will be voting No/No. I hope that you will do the same.

Monday, June 20, 2016

Post-Father's Day Thoughts 2016

Yesterday was a beautiful day. Here are a couple of snapshots of the day's activities:

Papa Toast, Me and the grandchildren.

Sarah and Lorenzo leave Papa Toast a dinosaur as a gift.

Evelyn and I finished the day at Glow's White Party. It was definitely a "step up" from when I was a DJ! 

Although our day was fun from start to end, there was another victim of gun violence last night. My condolences to the family.

Friday, June 17, 2016

St. David's Primary Pre-Father's Day Breakfast

Today was the St. David's Primary Pre-Father's Day Breakfast. It was held in the school gym with the breakfast items provided and served by the St. George's Parish Council.

We were served scrambled eggs, pancakes, turkey sausage, mixed fruit, juice and a hot beverage. The picture above is the two items that a brought home from the breakfast. It was a lot  of food and it was good.

I got to see some old friends that I have not seen for years! The best part, however, was having breakfast with my little girl. Next year, maybe I can have breakfast with all three of my children. :)

Hats off to St. David's Primary school and the St. George's Parish Council!

Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Get over it!

Getting over the bypass surgery that I had in January has not been easy. I wish I could put it into words.

Some days are normal. Some days are great! But there are a few that have taken me the lowest of my lows. I know that everything in this life is temporary. So, I just soldier on to the next "not so good" day.

I have many great people who help me through tough times. The funny thing is they don't even know it! There is one person who does know and that is my wife, Evelyn Williams. I hope she knows how much I love her. :)

Hamilton Princess, Hamilton, Bermuda.
Evelyn and I shortly after my bypass surgery.

Monday, June 6, 2016

In and Out

I am back from my medical trip to Lahey. I'll just say that I have a lot of work left to do. :(

Here are a few shots of my trip.

Sonesta ES Suites, Burlington, Ma.
My home during my stay.

Barnes and Nobles, Burlington, Ma.
The neighbourhood bookstore!

Best Buy, Burlington, Ma.
My toy store!

The packages were waiting for me!

A simple dinner!